Rare case of black licorice poisoning kills man in Massachusetts

arstechnica.com – The licorice plant naturally contains a toxin called glycyrrhizin.

Source: Richard C. Cabot, et al. Case 30-2020: A 54-Year-Old Man with Sudden Cardiac Arrest. New England Journal of Medicine, 2020.

Study reveals bat-winged dinosaurs had short-lived gliding abilities

eurekalert.org – Research Assistant Professor Dr Michael PITTMAN (Vertebrate Palaeontology Laboratory, Division of Earth and Planetary Science & Department of Earth Sciences) at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), recently showed that powered flight potential evolved at least three times and that many ancestors of close bird relatives neared the thresholds of powered flight potential, suggesting broad experimentation with wing-assisted locomotion before flight evolved.

Source: T. Alexander Dececchi, et al. Aerodynamics Show Membrane-Winged Theropods Were a Poor Gliding Dead-end. iScience, 2020.

This white paint cools surfaces below the ambient temperature, even under direct sunlight

zmescience.com – The paint reflects 95.5% of sunlight that reaches its surface, compared to 80-90% for commercial paints.

Source: Xiangyu Li, et al. Full Daytime Sub-ambient Radiative Cooling in Commercial-like Paints with High Figure of Merit. Cell Reports Physical Science, 2020.

Study: Open windows, glass screens can limit COVID-19 transmission in classrooms

upi.com – Open windows and glass droplet screens placed in front of desks significantly reduce airborne transmission of COVID-19 in school classrooms, an analysis published Tuesday by the journal Physics of Fluid found.

Source: Mohamed Abuhegazy, Khaled Talaat, Osman Anderoglu, Svetlana V. Poroseva. Numerical investigation of aerosol transport in a classroom with relevance to COVID-19. Physics of Fluids, 2020.

Record Time Measurement is Time for Light to Cross a Hydrogen Molecule

nextbigfuture.com – There is a breakthrough in experiments studying ultrafast processes. One of the most fundamental processes caused by the light-matter interaction where a light photon causes the ejection of an electro

Source: Zeptosecond birth time delay in molecular photoionization. Science, 2020.

Chimps pare down their social circle in later years – study

theguardian.com – Researchers say chimpanzees and humans share same pattern of social ageing

Source: Alexandra G. Rosati, et al. Social selectivity in aging wild chimpanzees. Science, 2020.

Did Climate Change Kill Off 5 Species Of Humans?

science20.com – Once upon a time, there were six different species of early humans. That's not science fiction, and they all belonged to the genus Homo, but only we Homo sapiens have survived. What killed H. habilis, H. ergaster, H. erectus, H. heidelbergensis, and H. neanderthalensis?

Source: Pasquale Raia, et al. Past Extinctions of Homo Species Coincided with Increased Vulnerability to Climatic Change. One Earth, 2020.

What the Coronavirus Mouthwash Study Really Said

medicaldaily.com – Don't count on using mouthwash to ward off COVID-19. A study out of Penn State said that some mouthwashes can kill some coronaviruses - but it didn't study the virus that causes this infection.

Source: Craig Meyers, et al. Lowering the transmission and spread of human coronavirus. Journal of Medical Virology, 2020.

The secret of how the Venus flytrap “remembers” when it captures prey

arstechnica.com – Scientists genetically altered a Venus flytrap so that it glows green when stimulated.

Source: Hiraku Suda, et al. Calcium dynamics during trap closure visualized in transgenic Venus flytrap. Nature Plants, 2020.